An industry-wide identity scheme headed up by MyIdentity has received glowing reviews from agents following the roll-out of a beta test project.

London-based Lantana Estates Ltd is one of the first agents to use a new digital identity scheme that aims to create a faster and more secure home buying and selling process.

The MyIdentity platform developed by Etive Ltd entered a beta testing phase in November and is already proving “easier and quicker” to use for both property professionals and consumers.

Lantana was able to carry out the identity verification (IDV) of their clients using both Digidentity, an identity service provider (IDSP) which is working to the MyIdentity scheme standards, and a non-scheme provider.

The direct comparison proved that the MyIdentity scheme is far superior in enabling sufficient identity verification both pre- and post-sale and particularly relevant to the conveyancing process, where house-buyers often need to prove their identity multiple times.

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