Verify User Interface Design Consultation March 18

In March we held the 3rd public consultation into the use of Verify for the hard to reach primarily focused on User Interface and Design of Verify. The project held a number of UI workshops with Pete Gale, a UI expert from GDS.  When does identity verification become a hindrance to the process when a user wants to apply for a service i.e. get a job done?

Some of the key points:

  • Users want to get a job done and identity verification is not a part of it.
  • Those who see verification as an enhancement to the job they are doing will persist.
  • Users don’t always need to know what is happening but they need a good model for what is happening.  So we need to consider the different ways in which a user might interpret what is happening.

What we determined was that we always need to look for opportunities to take complexity away from users, enabling them to ‘get the job done’ and handle complexity ourselves in the back ground.

Using identity as a means to enhance the way services are delivered means that users will be more motivated to achieve immediate results.

We put together a variety of workflows and mock-ups to help users through a journey ti support identity verification.

For more in depth information and background view the slides here.

Project blog on the OIX website.


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